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October 20, 2011 / Jo Ivens

Final report available to download

Over the last two days we’ve published a series of blogs reporting on the DataBridge project as we come to the end of this phase.

Chapter 1 – characteristics of the groups
Chapter 2 – reflections from groups
Chapter 3 – recommendations to the Partnership
Chapter 4 – recommendations on open data

If you prefer you can read the whole thing at once in a more traditional downloadable report format here.

The feedback event is tomorrow, where we will be presenting the findings and recommendations plus the learning from the demonstration project that OCSI have done with Amaze using their data.

The event will be webcast from tomorrow from 2pm.



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  1. tor seacombe / Oct 24 2011 21:40

    Fabulous to see the report having been at City Camp in March this year. It make a really interesting read, mirroring so many of my daily dealings with data- from collection to lack of feedback loop (where submitting data to funders).
    I look forward to hearing responses to the report and how things move forward in B&H.
    I am wondering about providers who work across LA’s. Already we provide different information to each one, which does indeed add to the costs.

    Well done Jo and OCSI

  2. Jo Ivens / Oct 25 2011 11:26

    Thanks Tor, glad you enjoyed the report.

    I’ll be posting about the event and feedback from those there later on today.

  3. Tim Davies / Oct 30 2011 16:33

    Hey Jo,

    Just a quick note to say many many thanks for this report. I’ve just read through and there are lots of really useful insights, and some great analysis in here: really cutting through claims about open data to start unpacking the sorts of organisational change required to make open data real – and the challenges for open data advocates to meet in order to make sure open data is a means to an end, not just the end in itself.

    Look forward to reading through more of the blog too,


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