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Open Data, transparency and accessibility and use of public sector information is a hot topic. We know that there’s a lot going on in this field and want to add to the knowledge and ideas rather than duplicate.

Here are some of the most useful links, projects, blogs and twitter feeds we’ve found so far. It’s a work in progress and suggestions are very welcome, please comment below.

Local Information Systems  
Suffolk Observatory  one-stop-shop for data, statistics and reports about Suffolk. Another good example of interactive local data. 
Nottingham Insight  a great example of how usable local information can be made. Useful voluntary sector area
BHLIS  Brighton & Hove Local Information Service provides access to a wide range of national and local statistics and indicators relating to Brighton & Hove. 
  Other Local Information Systems – search for your area here
Open Data – tools  
Open Data Manual  by the Open Knowledge Foundation, explains the basic concepts of ‘open data’, especially in relation to government. Is aimed at everyone, no technical expertise required. 
LinkedGov  aims to create as complete as possible a body of public data that is accessible, discoverable, human-readable, machine readable, comparable and internally linked. 
Open Data – data  
Brighton & Hove Open Data Wiki  does what is says on the tin. Also useful is Paul Brewer’s blog on creating it, and how you can contribute to it. 
Open Kent  where public sector bodies in Kent can publish information about the services they provide. 
Open Data Cook Book  The open data cook book is collecting recipes for ways to find and use open data, particularly open data of social value – such as open government data, or open data for campaigners and charities. 
Data4nr  identifies and links to datasets available for targeting, monitoring, priority setting and performance management at a neighbourhood level. 
Neighbourhood Statistics  from the Office of National Statistics. This tool allows you to find detailed statistics within specific geographic areas. 
Local Evidence Guide (pdf) a guide by Creating Excellence to finding detailed information about the characteristics of your local area, and the people who live and work there. 
Brighton info  
Brighton & Hove Joint Strategic Needs Assessment (JSNA)  aims to identify “the big picture” in terms of the current and future health and wellbeing needs of the local population. Produced by the Council and the Primary Care Trust.  
Taking Account A social and economic audit of the community and voluntary sector in Brighton by CVSF (2008)
My blog  I blog on things to do with local government and the voluntary sector. Here is my first post about DataBridge.

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  1. Mark Braggins / May 27 2011 16:19

    There’s some useful stuff here – thanks for highlighting these links

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